Fall Crafts

Jen Appleberry is a passionate crafter, entrepreneur, busy mom of three and owner of Appleberry’s Attic in Anoka, Minn. along with her husband, Loren. She stopped by with adorable fall D-I-Y crafts to spruce up your home.

Trick-or-Treat Bags:


Canvas Tote Bag
Chalk Paint
Small Plate

  1. Lay the canvas bag out flat.
  2. Peel the back off the stencil. Center, and stick it to the face of the bag.
  3. After they’ve smoothed and checked for air bubbles… choose paint and squirt onto a plastic or disposable plate.
  4. Taking the sponge, they will dab small amount of paint on the canvas bag filling in all open/empty spots on stencil.
  5. Once filled in with paint, crafters will remove the sticker/stencil and tweeze out any left behind pieces.

*Great for kids. A reusable option for a trick-or-treat bag you can fill up and use for years to come!


“Boo Babies”


Wood Block
Ghost Cut Out
Acrylic Paint
Paint Brushes
Sand Paper
Hot Glue & Gun
Extra Ditties (like ribbon to make bow & bow tie)

  1. Start by painting the wood block the color of your choice then paint the ghost.
  2. Once items are both dry, sand the edges of both block and ghost to add dimension and bring them to life.
  3. Hot glue the ghost to the block.
  4. Once put together, crafters can customize and show some personality by adding the extra “ditties” such as a bow, bow tie, glasses made from bendable wire, etc. – parents and kids alike will love this part as each ghost can take on their own personality.

*Make as many boys and girls as you have kiddos or grand babies! – or should we say Boo Babies!

Fun, adorable, customizable, kid and adult friendly!

Pumpkin Pie Garland:


Triangle Cutouts (6 minimum, but you can add more.)
Orange Paint
Paint Brush
Sand Paper
White yarn
Brown Card Stock
Hot Glue & Gun

  1. Start by painting all 6 triangle pie pieces orange.
  2. Once dry, sand the edges and surface to add life and add dimension.
  3. We will show crafters how to make a yarn pom-pom ball by wrapping and cutting yarn.
  4. Once pom-pom – or “whipped cream” – is done, glue one onto the center of each piece of pie.
  5. Crafters will then take strips of brown card stock and accordion fold to resemble crust! This gets hot glued on as well.
  6. Once all 6 pieces of the pie are painted, whipped creamed and crusted…. crafters will hot glue them to twine so they are able to make a strand or garland of pumpkin pie pieces!

*Not so Halloweeny! Cute for Fall and Thanksgiving. Great to hang from a mantle, fireplace, shelf or hutch.


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