Bedtime Yoga

Getting your kids to go to bed on time is no easy task but a bedtime yoga routine may help. Alexa Simon has been a kindergarten teacher for a number of years and has spent over 13 years working with children. She is the owner of Minnesota Kid’s Yoga Co. and stopped by with tips to help your kiddos wind down during bedtime.

  1. Yoga poses in bed

    Yoga in bed is a fun way for kids to move their bodies one last time and get those wiggles out2 . Use picture books that teach mindfulness
    Swap out your traditional picture books for a new one!ABC Yoga by Christiane Engel
    Goodnight Yoga by Mariam Gates

    3. Closed Eye Meditating
    This is helpful for kids that struggle to fall asleep or have night-terrors.

    4. Themed Breaths
    Breathing is an important way to calm down (giving our brain’s more oxygen). Kids love breathing with fun themes!

    Blowing a fall leaf into a basket. (x4 breaths)
    Tracing finger on pumpkin picture.

    5. Affirmation volleyball
    Affirmations are positive statements. They are so important to talk about with kids in today’s world.

Mom: I like how kind you are to your sister.
Daughter: I love when you give me hugs.

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