Be Well with TCL:  Incontinence

One in every four women between the age of 30 – 59 years old are affected by urinary incontinence.  Also known as loss of bladder control, can happen with a simple sneeze.  Typically childbirth or an imbalance of hormones are to blame.  There is a breakthrough technology that can help you get rid of the embarrassing problem in as little as 3 weeks.  Kelli Hanson takes us to Innovative Directions in Health in Edina to find out more.

The treatment is called EMSella.  It’s a non-invasive chair that you sit on for 28 minutes and it does over 11,000 keegels.  To learn more about the new treatment, click here.

Viewer Special:  Schedule a complimentary consultation and receive a Free EMSella treatment.

Innovative Directions in Health in Edina
(952) 922-2345

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