Divorce Protections

After multiple accusations of sexual assault, Harvey Weinstein’s wife announced she was leaving him. Jodi and Shannon from Terzich and Ort stopped by to explain how filing for a divorce can help protect you from what your spouse has done.

Filing for divorce draws a “line in the sand”. You will not always be held responsible for things that happen after that line is drawn as you would be before. When you file a judge is assigned to your case and that judge can offer help and protection when arguments or emergencies arise. Also, the filing sets a valuation date, so you won’t be held responsible if, for example, your soon-to-be ex buys a new car.

Filing can also protect you from litigation. If your spouse is sued for sexual harassment and loses, you wouldn’t be on the hook for helping with the settlement. Your insurance rates wouldn’t be affected if your soon-to-be ex got a DWI. And you wouldn’t necessarily have to help with gambling addiction or other similar issues.

If you’d like to talk with Terzich and Ort about divorce, click here.

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