Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Ali Jarvis from dog-friendly resource Sidewalk Dog shared her tips to help your furry four-legged friends get dressed up for the Halloween festivities! Click here for all of the costumes details! Ali also has tips on Halloween for pets: Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is a no-go. Other scary substances include xylitol, an artificial sweetener found in gum and other goodies. There is also danger to be found in tough-to-chew textures like caramel and taffy, sucker sticks, and wrappers. Restrict all access. Costumes and masks can lead to mild confusion or full-scale panic attacks for dogs. Add neighbors and strangers to the mix, and your pup may deal with his or her fear with fight, flight, or a major freak-out. Whether the action is doorbell-driven or you’re hosting a houseful, tuck them away in a quiet spot and give them something to chew or a treat-stuffed toy to keep them occupied. (Be sure to check in from time to time!) Be sure the outfit is not obstructing vision, hearing, or movement, and check that there aren’t any pieces in danger of coming off and being swallowed. Always supervise dogs while they’re in costume. Costumes can be stressful or uncomfortable for dogs; if they’re not feeling it, let them off the hook. Their birthday suit is just as cute! If you plan ahead, a little training can go a long way to help your pup love their costume. Praise and treat your dog for sniffing, being near, and wearing their costume for short periods of time at first. They’ll learn to associate their getup with good things! Sidewalk Dog are giving TCLers the opportunity to buy their Wine Pass for half the price, $20 gets you a glass of wine at 24 different restaurants around the Twin Cities. Proceeds benefit the Animal Humane Society. Click here for the details on how to purchase your wine pass!

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