Inexpensive Home Updates with Desrochers Realty Group

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make some improvements to your home. Julie and Daniel Desrochers from Desrochers Realty Group and exp Realty shared their ways to make those tweaks without breaking the bank. If you need help buying, selling or building a home, reach out to Julie and Daniel here.

Light Fixtures:


  • Update island pendants
  • Update dated chandelier

Hall lights and flush mounts:

  • Get rid of those ugly builder grade lights


  • Switch tarnished old brass door handles out with new ones
  • Black hardware is really in right now
  • Get something streamlined and simple


  • Switch out the mirror
  • Replace light fixture
  • Bold color wall tile, for example bathroom from the 60’s with pink tile. You can paint the tile.


  • People underestimate how the bed is made
  • Need to update bedding
  • Use layering techniques
  • Target has great, reasonably priced bedding or can try places like Homegoods
  • If you can’t put something together yourself, they sell beds in a bag that make it easy
  • Go for more neutral colors

Closets & Pantries:

  • Great area to make an impression
  • Instead of just having things out on shelves loose organize them in containers or baskets
  • Can get great ones online or at Target
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