Five Minute Workout Routine

One of the hardest aspects of working out is finding the time to do so. Life can get busy and when it does, working out is usually one of the first things people cut out of their schedule. Certified personal trainer and weight loss coach, Sara Gerbracht, stopped by with tips on how to stay active and complete your daily workout even with a jam-packed schedule.

The workout contains three series of exercises. Each series includes a one minute exercise, followed by a 30 second, and 10 second exercise.

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Series #1: 

Arm Circles ~ 1 Min.

  • Description: Extend your arms straight out in front of you. Move your arms in the same direction, in very small circles.
  • You’d be surprised how you can simply tone and strengthen your arms with no weights.

Alternating Knee Tucks ~ 30 seconds

  • Description: Stand up straight and keep your abs tight. Put your arms and hands behind your head, as if you’re preparing to do a crunch or sit up. Pull one knee up towards your stomach, while keeping your core tight. Your knee should be at a 90-degree angle. Alternate lifting each knee. Keep your core tight throughout.

Stand Up – Sit Down ~ 10 seconds

  • Description: Simply stand up, and sit down! Quickly do this move for 10 seconds.
  • This exercise will help get our heart rate pumping and lead us into our second series of exercises.

Series #2: 

Overhead Press ~ 1 Min.

  • Description: Stand with your feet shoulder length apart and press your arms up to the sky – think of it as a bench press but completely linear!
  • Modification: The exercise can be done with or without weights. If you’re up for the challenge try this with a 5-10 lb weight!

Seated Bicycle Crunches ~ 30 seconds 

  • Description: Sit in your chair with your hands behind your head. Lift one knee towards the ceiling. Crunch your core, and touch your opposite elbow to your lifted knee. Alternate touching your opposite elbow to your opposite (lifted) knee. Keep doing this alternating ab crunch and moving those legs as if you were riding a bike!
  • These seated bicycle crunches target your obliques while also strengthening your entire core.

Stand Up – Sit Down ~ 10 seconds

  • Get as many stand up – sit downs as you can within these ten seconds!

Series #3: 

Boxer’s Jab ~ 1 Min.

  • Description: In a fighting stance you’re going to extend your arms (one at a time) out in front of you. You want to punch as fast and as tightly as you can!
  • I love Boxer’s Jab because they’re fun and really target those arm muscles!

Ball to Star ~ 30 seconds 

  • Description: Time to take a seat in your chair. The first part is to take your arms and legs into your body as close as you can, forming a ball, then you want to extent you arms and legs into a star shape. Make sure you’re engaging your core this entire time. This will tone your lower abs.

Stand Up – Sit Down ~ 10 seconds

  • Last Stand Up – Sit Down. Get two more than you did last round!
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