Colleges and Universities of Minnesota State

The week of October 23rd 2017 is a big one for folks looking to apply for colleges and universities here in Minnesota. Colleges and Universities of Minnesota State are waiting the application fees. The goal is to offset some of the stresses with fees. It’s a great way for traditional and non-traditional students to get involved in applying for school.

Rassoul Dastmozd is the president of Saint Paul College. He is proud of the students making education a priority. He believes everyone offers something special. Everyone matters. After all, they are our future of Minnesota. Dastmozd says they are the people in the operating rooms, working construction jobs and cleaning our teeth. We all come in contact with these students. Education provides opportunity and plays an important role in our economy.

Dastmozd says three hundred seventy five thousand students are served in Colleges and Universities of Minnesota State. More than fifty percent of them are first generation college students.

There’s a special guide book out to help people decide which program and or college or university may be best for them. It even has contact numbers and names of those schools. To learn more, click here.

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