Taking Senior Pictures

Fall is the time of year when you should be thinking about taking those senior pictures with your high schooler. Elaine Goepfert from I Love Photography in Hopkins shared her advice for taking senior pictures!

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Her thoughts are below!

1.Reflect what they like to do.  Are they a musician?  Do they play sports?  Maybe into robotics?  Dancer? Whatever it is that your senior likes to do see if there is a way to work that into some of the photos.  This is easy to do by just adding a prop or clothing to represent this activity and don’t be afraid to ask your senior to put some personality in it!

2. Bring a buddy!  Having a friend along for your senior’s session can add a lot of fun.  Most likely, if someone is along that your senior trusts you’ll have more opportunities to get those genuine smiles.  Take a few photos with their buddy in it.  These will be cherished now and years to come.  If your senior’s best bud is more furry and four legged add them to the mix.  Not only do our furry friends add interest to your photos but they can be a comfort too for those nervous few.

3. Have a couple of different outfits on hand.  This is a great opportunity to show off a couple of looks such as casual and formal.  Even for those guys who might only want a few good photos “for mom” an extra shirt might be just be the ticket if there is a wardrobe mishap such as dirt, wrinkles or it just doesn’t quite fit how you thought it would.

4. Which brings me to #4…always have your senior try their clothes on ahead of time.  This includes underwear folks!  Make sure that you can’t see any patterns or lettering on any undergarments.  You want their clothes to make them feel as good and confident.  This always shines through in photos.

5. Pick a location.  This can be something sentimental like the lake your senior always fished with Grandpa at or their back yard or it can be a park that offers a lot of beauty like Stone Arch Bridge, Minnehaha Falls, and the Arboretum.  Be sure to check on where you’d like to go with your senior AHEAD OF TIME because a lot of these public parks require permits.  Always good to make a call ahead of time so you don’t get stopped mid-session.

6. BE SAFE!!!  There are trendy photos out there of seniors on train tracks or sitting in the middle of a road.  These can be very dangerous options, roads don’t stay empty and hanging on railroad tracks is actually illegal and you can be ticketed and fined.  Be aware of what is private property and what is not.  Be careful when climbing hills or structures to get a original angle.  Nothing will stop a session like a twisted ankle or worse. When on public property be respectful of the grounds and others.  Be kind.  (This is a general rule in life as well)

7. Where is your senior going?  Are they heading off to a college?  Have a couple pictures of them in that college sweater.  Maybe they have interest in being an architect someday and would like to have awesome architecture in the background.  Maybe someday they’d like to own a coffee shop and want to do a couple photos in front of their favorite spot.  Taking photos of your senior’s aspirations is not only an awesome way to celebrate their dreams but it also can be something years to come that you and your senior can look back and reflect on.


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