Fair Insider Day 7

TCL’s Mike Marcotte knows a few things about the fair that you probably don’t.  He shares all sorts of information about the Great Minnesota Get Together.

You can order a Memorial Bench for your loved one for next year’s fair.  The Memorial Bench Program is run by the Minnesota State Fair Foundation and each cost $2500.  In addition to benches, you can buy a brick for $250 or a picnic table for $5000.

There are 1200 trash barrels and 850 recycling bins on the fairgrounds. The fair recycles aluminum, paper, glass, metal, vehicle and appliance batteries, automotive oil, tires, crease, manure, construction materials, wood waste, food waste, waste water, cardboard, concrete, oil filters, plastic bottles, electronics, toner cartridges, and more!

The best day to go the fair is Labor Day.  You get a discount on tickets for kids ages 5-12 and this day typically draws the least amount of people.  The busiest day at the fair is usually the second Saturday.

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