Wonder Women: Barb Churchill

In this month’s installment of our “Wonder Women” series, Elizabeth chats with wife, mother and life & leadership coach Barb Churchill at Can Can Wonderland in St. Paul. The series highlights women in our community who’ve found their passion, share it with others and are willing to talk about the tough stuff they’ve gone through to get there. Barb is no exception. While you may know her from Twin Cities Live where she regularly shares advice on how to life a confident and joyful life, today she’s sharing a personal story. In 2009, Barb says she heard a voice telling her it was time to remove her breasts. She says she spent decades going through mammograms, biopsies and cancer scares and decided she needed to listen to the voice and undergo a bilateral mastectomy.

Barb tells Elizabeth why listening to that voice may have saved her life, how she decided to react the first time she looked in the mirror after surgery and how laughter has helped her through her entire life.

For more on Barb’s speaking and leadership coaching business, click here.

Big thanks to Can Can Wonderland for hosting Elizabeth and Barb’s conversation. Visit them for fancy food and whimsical drinks along with indoor mini golf! Click here for more information.

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