Pay For School Supplies Post-Divorce with Terzich and Ort

Jodi Terzich and Shannon Ort from Terzich and Ort shared their advice on how parents should be dealing with school supplies and activities post-divorce. If you’d like some help from Jodi and Shannon, click here. Their advice is below.

They say it’s important to have agreements regarding the expense sharing to ensure one parent is not left holding all of the costs.

Who’s responsibility is it to buy school supplies?

Unless there is an agreement regarding expense sharing this would fall on the custodial parent or the recipient of child support.

What happens when one parent fails to pay their fair share?

Parents also have often have conflict when they think they are not being treated fairly.  The recourse is to go back to court and asked the court to address the expenses.

Do people go back to court to have the judge intervene?

Returning to court to ask the judge to order the other parent to make $100 contribution to school supplies is not a cost-effective resolution- so plan ahead.

What type of expenses are covered by child-support?

Child-support is for basic necessities food clothing and shelter the question becomes what about the clothing that travels to and from homes winter gear boots hats mittens.

What if one parent shops at Target and the other at Macy’s?

The expectation between parents is important to review.

Who pays for sport fees?

This is also true when it comes to an expensive extracurricular expenses. if kids are playing hockey and softball and swimming and having an agreements about who pays which expenses. This can be as basic as splitting registration or as complicated as splitting cost for a tournament, rotating the obligation to transport tournaments, or when these tournaments have large tickets like hotel stays attached.

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