11/3 Movie Trip

THOR: RAGNAROK (theatrical release) Chris Hemsworth will forever be known as Thor, the god of thunder. Thor: Ragnarok is his third solo entry in the franchise on top of the two Avengers ensemble movies. This time around we’re seeing a different side of the brawny avenger. He knows how to use his charm to get himself out of any situation. He manages to escape from the fire demon Surfur and learns his father Odin is no longer on their home planet of Asgard. Brother Loki has banished him to New York City, but when they arrive they find out he’s no longer there. With a little help from a friend (no spoilers!), they are sent to Norway where they’re finally reunited with their father who is nearing his final days. Odin reveals they have a long-lost sister, Hela, who is hell bent on revenge. The film’s title “Ragnarok” refers to the fall of Asgard. Hela is the goddess of death and the rightful heir to the throne. She’s not one to be messed with, as Asgard isn’t her only goal. She can take down full armies hoping to rule over every realm in the universe. It’s not an easy trip back to Asgard for Thor who finds himself stuck on the planet Sakaar. He is unwillingly thrust into the ring as the latest opponent to take on the reigning champion of an arena-style fight. That champion is his good old buddy, The Incredible Hulk. Once Thor and Hulk manage to make their way out of Sakaar, it’s a race against time for them to stop Hela before she destroys Asgard. Is It Worth Your Trip to the Movies? Marvel’s comedic approach to Thor delivers on all accounts RATING: 4 out of 5 TICKET STUBS WONDERSTRUCK (theatrical release) Based on Brian Selznick’s book of the same name, Wonderstruck weaves back and forth between two timelines. We’re first introduced to a young boy in Gunflint, MN in 1977. Ben is mourning the sudden death of his mother. To make matters more complicated, Ben grew up never knowing his father. He pushed for information about him from his mother, but she kept him a secret. He discovers a book in her possession called “Wonderstruck” all about the how museums are run and curated. He dives in during the middle of a thunderstorm and finds a bookmark for a New York City bookstore. He attempts to call the store only to be struck by lightning and electrocuted. Now feeling alone and suddenly deaf, he decides to leave his relatives and sneak off to New York City hoping to find information about his father. The other storyline originates in Hoboken, New Jersey in 1927 with a young deaf girl named Rose. She’s the same age as Ben and is obsessed with silent film star Lillian Mayhew. Rose grows frustrated with her isolated home life and the lack of connection she has with her father. Much like Ben, she ventures out to New York City hoping to track down her favorite actress. For Ben and Rose, New York City represents a city of new beginnings, and hopefully, the answers they are looking for about their families. Is It Worth Your Trip to the Movies? Another winner for Todd Haynes RATING: 4.5 out of 5 TICKET STUBS WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES (home release) It’s been fifteen years since humans created a virus strong enough to kill off a majority of the human species, but in turn, give apes a super-intelligence and strength. Since then, a war has been brewing between the last remaining humans and the apes with some apes turning against their own kind by standing next to the humans in battle. Caesar has been the alpha male ape leading the pack along the way. He has since gone in hiding hoping to protect his family. Their location comes under siege when a man known only as the Colonel and a crew of soldiers come swooping down hoping for ape genocide. Caesar watches a majority of his family perish except for his young son. He makes it his mission to get his revenge on the Colonel to avenge the killing of his family.

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