Buying and Selling Homes in 2019

Julie and Daniel Desrochers from Desrochers Realty Group and EXP Realty shared their advice on how people need to be selling homes in 2019 and what buyers are looking for too. For more about Desrochers Realty Group, click here.

Advertising & Photography:

  • A realtor is no longer just a realtor they have to be a marketer
  • Print advertisements like newspapers and magazines used to be one of the only ways to market to the masses
  • A lot of pictures that were used on advertisements were taken by the realtor.
  • Now a days you need to be all over the internet and using multiple 3rd party websites along with social media. Need to be advertising on Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Photographs need to be done by a professional
  • Lager homes should feature a virtual walk through – our photographer uses a special camera that lets a consumer virtually walk through a property
  • Need to be offering F
  • Facetime/Skype walkthroughs to people that can’t get out to the property
  • Coming Soons – take advantage of advertising your property as a coming soon and creating a hype around it


Do you specialize in this neighborhood:

  • We often get the question do you specialize in this neighborhood.
  • Technology has changed the importance of this
  • Being a good marketer is much more important than specializing in a certain area
  • Homes are sold on the internet now, very little is done by word of mouth. You want to make sure you are listing your home with the team that is going to market your home the best and have the most exposure online.


Broker Opens:

  • Regardless of what you see on Million Dollar listing for the most part broker opens are not effective.
  • Broker open is an open house that is put on usually at a new listing for other realtors to come through and tour the property
  • Were helpful before there was so much information online
  • Buyers are now the ones in control of picking which homes they want to see, the real estate agent is no longer the one picking the homes.


Working with a team of experts:

  • You don’t want to work with a jack of all trades, master of none
  • The real estate transaction and sales process has become much more complicated
  • Working with a team allows for top notch service in each area of the transaction.
  • Your real estate team should have people that specialize in
    • Staging/home preparation
    • Photography and video
    • Marketing and Advertising
    • Pricing and negotiating
    • Administrative detail
    • Should have a loan & closing consultant that they work closely with
    • Should have trade professionals for home preparation
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