Taking Great Back to School Photos

TCL Executive Producer and professional photographer Christian Unser shares his advice for taking great “first day of school” photos!

  • Get Away from the Garage – while the garage might make for a neutral background, it can make the photos feel flat. Head out to the street to get some nice distance behind your kids. Newer phones can utilize to make the background nice and blurry too.
  • Get to Their Level – school photos should be taken from the height of the kid, not the height of the parents. This is about their world so get down to how they see things.
  • Skip the Props and Change Locations – while props can be fun, jumping in the car for a quick trip to the school before the big day can yield even better results without having to spend extra money.
  • Capture the Moments: The first day of school is a big moment. Smiling for the camera and showing off the new outfits can be great, but capturing them walking away to the school, playing on the playground or just quietly working in their new classroom can be magical.
  • Use Similar Poses Year to Year – It’s fun to watch kids grow through the years. This is really apparent if you put them in the same place year after year. This is really fun with siblings too as you won’t believe how much they change compared to each other.

In addition to working for Twin Cities Live, Christian does all of the TCL photography as well as provides headshot, wedding and family photo services. For more information about Christian’s photography business, Unser Imagery, click here.

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