Be Well with TCL: kidsWATER

If we’ve heard this once, we’ve heard it a million times. If you want to lose weight, cut out the soda. But what about fruit juice? Those juice boxes our kids crave — forget about it! They’re filled with empty calories too. Recently the American Heart Association recommended that kids have less than 6-teaspoons of added sugars per day. Right now kids are consuming up to 19 teaspoons a day. It’s a problem two Minnesota moms took notice of and decided to take action. In this Be Well with TCL, Kelli Hanson shows us how one idea has them hoping people start tossing those sugar-filled juice boxes once and for all.

What started in their kitchen at home has turned into a successful company called kidsWATER. Instead of packing juice boxes with sugar, these water boxes are flavored with fruit. It’s a company that started in early 2016 and is now saturating the Midwest. You can find kidsWATER in Target, Kowalski’s, Cub and Hyvee. Click here for all buying locations.

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