The Break Room

Everybody needs a little de-stressing at some point and now there’s a spot in the twin cities to really let loose. The Break Room is just what it sounds like. It’s a room where you get to break all sorts of things. Theresa Purcell is what she calls the Smash Lord Supreme. She’s the owner of The Break Room. Theresa says she used to love to release stress by smashing things for fun in college during finals. She’d pick up the pieces and get back to work. She’d also feel a whole lot better. Now, she’s offering that same outlet for frustrated folks. She also says it’s just fun.

Theresa says everyone has a story when they come in to break things. Even though they come in for different reasons, but they all leave feeling better. The Break Room offers special packages with different price points. They provide the clothing, you provide the closed toed shoes, preferably boots.

The Break Room is located at 3449 North 2nd Street, Minneapolis.

The Break Room offers BYOB or bring your own breakables. To learn more about The Break Room and or to book your time slot, click here.

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