There have been a lot of natural disasters this year across the country. Hurricanes, wild fires, and snow storms are right around the corner. Do you know what to do to survive if you were caught in a natural disaster? Christian Schauf, the founder of Uncharted Supply Company, created a kit that he says will help you survive any kind of disaster.

Christian created “Seventy2” and the pack caught the eye of the sharks on Shark Tank. The kit is designed to get you through the first 72 hours, which is when 95% of all survival situations are resolved. Christian asked doctors, first responders, and military what they would put in a bag. Using their input, he compiled the pack. For $350 plus shipping, Seventy2 includes water pouches, first aid kit, paracord, a filtration mask, duct tape, a tent, and a radio among other survival tools.

Hopefully, you will never have to use the kit, but it does provide peace of mind should the circumstances change. To purchase the bag, click here. Enter the promo code: TWINCITIESLIVE at check out and receive $50 off your order. Offer is good through November 24th.

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