DIY Flower Crowns

Allie Tempelis of Lexington Floral stopped by to share tips and tricks for making a DIY floral crown.

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Floral Crown Instructions

  • Start with a few flexible wires
    • Measure to the size you would like your crown
    • Cover the wires in floral corsage tape
  • Clip greens and flowers to prepare to add to your crown
    • Make sure there is enough of a stem to tape to the crown
      • Approximately ½- 1 in stem
    • Attach greens and flowers in a pattern, working down the wire and taping each stem securely
      • Leave ½ in of wire at the start to connect the ends of the crown
      • Make sure to add pieces of greens/ flowers to the front and the back for a fuller crown
      • Work with strips of corsage tape rather than directly from the roll to avoid tangling
    • Twist the ends of the wire together to secure your crown
    • Cut floral blooms to glue into the crown.  Things to look for in flowers for crowns:
      • Compact, round flower such as:
        • Small roses
        • Ranunculus
        • Small daisies
        • Chrysanthemums
      • Avoid flowers that bruise or shed easily
    • Glue flower heads into the crown using floral glue- hold each bloom in place to set for a few seconds.
      • Floral glue is designed to safely seal the end of the cut flower and holds flowers in place even in the presence of moisture (waterproof).
      • Avoid hot glue as it will damage flowers and greenery
        • Hot glue could be used for dried, preserved, or artificial flowers
      • Option to attach ribbons or bow to the back of the crown
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