Getting Over Mom Guilt

There’s a new study that came out in February from that says Fathers are happier than Mothers… the reason is because women tend to carry more of the mental load when it comes to parenting.

One local mom understood that struggle very well. Three years ago, she was a mom of newborn, she was overwhelmed by the pile of dishes, never ending laundry and she wanted to clone herself.  Anahita Champion created Twin Cities Mobile Mommy, which is a concierge service for busy families offering. She stopped by to talk about mom struggles and what they can do to ask for help without the guilt.

Twin Cities Mobile Mommy

It’s a concierge service for busy families. They offer help with laundry, cleaning, organizing, errands, childcare and more.

Time Management Tips

Overcome overwhelm with a “To-Do” and a “Ta-Da” list.

  1. Empty your mind and jot everything down
  2. Rule of 3- Automate, delegate and eliminate
  3. Create a “Ta-Da” Success Slips
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