Understanding Diabetes

More than 30 million Americans have diabetes – 1 in 4 don’t even know. November is American Diabetes month. Jennifer Schneider from Entira Family Clinic says your diet should be one of a diabetic, even if you have a clean bill of health.

Eat less of these foods: Potato chips, candy, fried foods/take-out, processed foods like white bread, crackers, coffee creamer and pasta

Eat more of these foods: Vegetables, fruit and whole grains

Fruit Portion Size: Big apples should be about the size of tennis ball or half cup as fruit

Whole Grains Size: Appropriate portion size –size of a computer mouse or about 1/3 cup

Proteins Portion Size: Portion size is about 3 oz or the size of a deck of cards

Unmanaged or undiagnosed diabetes can leave you feeling: Tired, rundown, weak, increased thirst + crummy, tired, rundown and weak

Serious health consequences: Poor vision, lose sensitivity in fingers and toes, circulation troubles, Dizziness, cardiovascular disease, nerve damage, Kidney damage, eye damage, teeth and gum infections

Type 1: Body’s immune system attacks the pancreas’s ability to make insulin. Your body cannot process glucose (sugar) due to lack of insulin.

Type 2: It is acquired by poor diet and poor activity. It is also the most common, 90% of people with diabetes have Type 2.

How to manage Type 2 Diabetes:
Eat a healthy diet
Exercise/ physical activity 30 minutes a day, 6-7 days a week

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