Holidays and Divorce

The holidays are stressful enough as it is, but adding a divorce to the mix can make it that much worse. But a little pre-planning can go a long way. Jodi and Shannon from Terzich and Ort join us to share their advice. Their thoughts are below: HOLIDAY PARENTING TIME DISPUTES: For people going through our already divorced the holidays bring different types of conflicts. Particularly when it is about sharing kids on the special days. The best thing people can do is draft with lots of details including start times and end times and who transports to avoid this holiday nightmares. It is also important to remember that holidays are stressful and special and create life long memories…so for people going through divorce it’s very important to keep that in the forefront and creating a solid plan can take some of stress out the formula. That can lead to positive childhood memories and not experiences where parents argue or law enforcement becomes involved. DEADLINES: Most counties have a filing deadline if you want to be guaranteed to be divorced before year end. So many people are in the process all year long and realize it is beneficial from a tax standpoint to be divorced and then there is a push to finalize the divorce. Now is a very busy time for mediators and attorneys drafting final divorce decrees…working out final settlement details. The tax filing status is determined as of December 31. FIRST OF THE YEAR ISSUES: Once the first of the year hits we see a huge surge in initial divorce filings people often get through the holidays want to make a change with the new fresh start This means the courts can get backed up hearing new cases.

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