LearningRX: Connor’s Story

Here on Twin Cities Live we’ve shown you how the LearningRx brain training program works. We’ve introduced you to families and kids who say the brain games changed everything. But there are still skeptics out there. And Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson found one — a dad from Delano who didn’t believe the program would ever help his son, until he saw the results for himself.

Third grader Connor Menard was struggling in school, at the highest level of intervention. His mom looked into the LearningRx program, but his dad wasn’t convinced. But a few months in, Connor’s reading improved. Not only that, he gained more confidence. Now his father, who once called the program a trendy thing, says he wishes they would have done it sooner.

LearningRX is offering TCL viewers a deal. Call and mention **Twin Cities Live** to get an initial assessment for $75. That’s regularly priced at $199.

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