DIY Countertop Ideas

Professional Designer, Kelli Kaufer shared some DIY countertop ideas perfect for your kitchen or bar in your home.

Butcher block –

1″x1″  strips of wood, glue, clamps
Glue them together, then use vise grips to clamp them in place and let dry for a few days.
Cut the wood block to size needed, sand with a palm sander
You can either leave natural or stained and install.
Or you can buy prefab butcher block cut to dimensions and install.

Wood doors –

Next project is solid wood doors. We found a few doors at a damaged overstock warehouse, one side was damaged with a few nicks which we placed down on the counter top and placing the good side up.
Measure the length and depth and cut
Stain if you’d like and put into place, making sure the edges of the doors are placed as close together as possible.

Parquet Flooring –

Using parquet flooring for a counter top or table top. The wood tiles are glued and nailed to a piece of plywood.

Vinyl Flooring –

All you need is a good substrate surface, it can go over old existing table top or counter top. I recommend using this for a island, bar top or table top. Not your counter tops in the kitchen.
These are peel and stick and cut easily with just a utility knife, hard straight edge and that is it.

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