TCL In Your Town: Pic Advice from a Hopkins Photographer

Elaine Goepfert owns I Love Photography in Hopkins. She’s an active member of the community and takes pics for their events.  Her work featured on the cover of their latest community guide in that town. She also runs a successful photography business located right on Main Street!

Elaine stopped by the studio during our week of fun in Hopkins for TCL In Your Town to share her advice for taking a great smartphone pic.

  1. Lighting is key – get out of direct sunlight and find ways to use natural lighting and shade instead.
  2. Get down to their level – this is especially important for photographs of kids and pets
  3. Capture the genuine moments – better to grab a natural laugh or activity than a forced pose
  4. How to take a great selfie – use lighting, angles and genuine moments to take the perfect pic!

For more about Elaine and her photography studio, click here.

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