Easy Summer Workout Ideas

Summer is officially here! Certified personal trainer and nutritionist, Sara Gerbracht, stopped by to provide tips for integrating self-care and short workouts into your busy summer routine.

For more wellness tips, you can visit Sara’s blog here.

Exercise #1: “Stop and Squat”

  • Stop wherever you are and squat. Whether you’re doing laundry, playing outside with the kids, or making lunch, break out in a set of squats and add an overhead curl to make the move more challenging.
    • Increase the intensity by adding weight to your overhead curl with items around the house (bottle, kids toys, laundry detergent jug, etc.)

Exercise #2: “Mind your P’s and Q’s”

  • Briefly explain the “P” and “Q”
  • You can accomplish this in a variety of moves:
    • “Curtseying like a lady, and smashing it like a boss”
    • To amp up the intensity, incorporate more moves to this series: curtsey lunge, uppercut, knee strike

Exercise #3:Tricep Kickback”

  • Say “goodbye” to giggly-underarms! This is an area of concern for many women, and this move will help tighten this area.
  • You can accomplish this through a series of moves:
    • Stand with your knees bent with a slight bend in your hips, press your triceps back, and kick straight back for a full body move
    • This targets more areas than just your underarms, which we always love. As moms, we have to make the most of our time!
    • For a more challenging move, add weight to your tricep curl.

Exercise #4:Standing Crunch” 

  • Target your tummy with a standing crunch move, which can be accomplished just about anywhere.
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