DIY Holiday Decorations

Danielle Rode from Upsy-Daisy shared her ideas for DIY holiday decorations! Scrabble Letters – JOY Items needed: • 3 – 5-1/2″ pieces of wood • 180 grit sand paper • 400 grit sand paper • 4″ vinyl letters (J,O,Y) and ¾” vinyl numbers (8,1,4) • Country Chic Paint (All-in-One, color “Simplicity”) • Minwax Early American stain and soft cloth for application How to: • Cut your pieces of wood to 5-1/2″ by 5″-1/2″ squares and sand the edges. • Apply one coat of Minwax Early American stain to the wood using a soft, lint free cloth. • Using a Silouette or Cricket, create vinyl letters using “Arial” font. If you do not have access to a machine, you could purchase vinyl letters and numbers at your local craft store. • Apply the vinyl letters/numbers to the blocks. • Apply a coat of paint and let them dry. We used Country Chic Paint’s All-In-One paint in “Simplicity” – you could also use other chalk-based paints or acrylic paint. • Remove all of the vinyl letters and numbers. • Use a sheet of 180 grit sand paper and gently distress the edges of the blocks. • If you used a chalk-based paint, use a sheet of 400 grit sand paper and gently sand the entire surface of the blocks until you get a nice smooth finish. If you used an acrylic paint, skip this step. • Display your scrabble letters and enjoy! Rustic Star Tree Topper Items needed: • 10 sticks that are cut to 5″ in length • Hot glue • Twine • Chicken wire • Wire cutters How to: • Start with 2 sticks and secure them together with hot glue to make the top point of your star. • Wrap twine around the point. Continue making points from 2 sticks (see 2 steps above) until you have 5 points total. • Lay all the points together to make a star shape. Glue all the points together and wrap the joints with twine. • Place your star on chicken wire. • Use wire cutters to cut the chicken wire into the shape of your star. • Hot glue the chicken wire in place to your star. • Flip over and you have a beautiful, rustic star for your Christmas tree. Host activities: • Wrap twine around points • Lay all points together to form a star. Felt Christmas Trees Items needed: • Felt (about a half yard per tree) • Sticks – various lengths • Branches – cut in slices for your tree base • Hot glue gun • Tree template • Scissors • Saw • Drill / bit How to: • Find a tree template online and print or make your own. • Fold the tree template in half and fold your felt in half. Place the template on the felt – so that the folds are lined up. • Cut your tree shapes from felt – a lot of them! • Apply hot glue gun along the fold of your felt and then stick the felt tree (folded) to your stick. Repeat this step over and over until your stick is full of folded felt trees. • Cut some thicker branches into slices with a saw. These will be your tree bases. • Use a drill bit to drill a hole (the circumference of your stick) into the wood slice (tree base). • Apply hot glue into the hole and then stand your tree into the hole. • Make trees in various heights and display!

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