Want to Throw an Axe?  Try FlannelJax

You could choose a whole bunch of different words when describing Twin Cities Live host Steve Patterson.  But even he would admit that “lumberjack” might not come to mind.  In fact, it would never come to mind.  Like never ever.  That’s why he took a small trek from TCL’s St. Paul studio to get a little training at FlannelJax.  It’s the new home of axe-throwing, cross-cutting and the ever popular hammer and nail game that they call “Thump the Stump.”

Patterson met up with FlannJax General Manager Bryant Corrigan to get a bit of training in the way of lumberjacks.  But this lesson is better seen than read.  You can check out his tutorial in the video above.  And if you happen to have a lumberjack or lumberjill in your life that is looking for an opportunity to brush up on his or her skills, or perhaps they are just looking for a fun night out after work, you can point them in the direction of FlannelJax in St. Paul.

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