Packing Light for Summer Travel

Michele Vig is a professional organizer who was the first Minnesotan to be trained by Marie Kondo from the popular Netflix show, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” Michele stopped by the Twin Cities Live studio with advice on packing for your next vacation, including the one product you need to help save space.

A smooth trip starts at home. Designate one place for travel items.
Creating a space where all your travel items live — from suitcases and packing cubes to travel-sized toiletries, special travel-only items like a neck pillow — makes it easier for you to find what you need when planning and packing.

Plan ahead. A checklist can help!
Getting a mental jump on what you need to bring on your trip can save you a lot of time. For novice or even frequent travelers, a travel checklist can really help. To help people simplify travel, I created a checklist for two key areas – outfit planning and packing.

When it comes to outfit planning, build your wardrobe with intention – go capsule!
A capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essentials augmented with seasonal pieces. When you talk about going capsule when you travel, we’re focused on picking a theme color Before you pick your theme color, sketch out days and nights based on your itinerary. Once you have a clear picture of your experiences to come, lay out potential outfits— on the floor of your closet or on the bed, then mix and match to minimize the number of items you are bringing.

To pack like a pro, it starts with the right luggage.
Choose luggage that’s right-sized and works.
Now that most airlines charge to check luggage, more people are opting for carry-on sized rolling bags or backpacks, which means packing light becomes a necessity. With packing light more of a necessity, choosing pieces of luggage and companion bags that work best for you becomes critical.

File fold to maximize space
File folding your clothes helps you get more into the suitcase and helps your clothes travel better. If you haven’t gotten on the KonMari file-folding bandwagon yet, your next trip would be the perfect time to start.

Choose reusable travel cubes to keep it all together.
You don’t need travel cubes to pack light, but travel cubes are a fun way to organize your suitcase and have other benefits such as compressing your clothes allowing everything to fit neatly into your suitcase.

The ultimate travel stress relievers? – tidy before you go and immediately unpack when you return. By giving yourself enough time to tidy before you leave, you are giving yourself a delight when you walk into a clean and fresh home after a long day of travel. And, even if you’re tired, I recommend pushing yourself to make it the extra mile and unpack your bags immediately when you return from a trip. And if you’re extra ambitious – start a load of laundry right away.

Michele owns Neat Little Nest and can help you distress that mess in your life. Contact her here.

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