Holiday Emotions & Acupuncture

The Holidays are full of joy, family and excitement. But all of those things, can bring on many different emotions this time of year like stress, extreme fatigue and sometimes grief. But as we’ve learned over the last few years, acupuncture can really calm the mind. Senia Mae, owner of Healing Insight in Saint Paul, stopped by to show us how.


Acupuncture can help you prepare yourself by deeply relaxing you, making you feel less overwhelmed, more calm and clearheaded

Most common point: “Shenmen” (on the ear): translates to “Calm Spirit”; calms your nervous system so you can take an acupuncture nap and wake up calm and clear-headed


Loss of a loved one can be hard when the holidays roll around

Grief causes your Qi/energy to just disappear; it can come out of nowhere and hit you like a ton of bricks, one minute you’re fine and something triggers you and it takes the wind out of your sails; suddenly you’re exhausted

The Lungs are affected by grief according to Chinese medicine and can cause shallow breathing, susceptible to colds and flu

Acupuncture helps by softening grief so it doesn’t paralyze you; acupuncture helps the grief move through so you feel more sentimental than depressed; you might even enjoy the holiday a little

Most common point: Lung 7 (on the wrist): on the Lung meridian which travels through the chest where grief is held, this point helps release grief so you’re not so debilitated by it


With everything to do and the short days we can feel tired during the holidays; come January you may feel like you’ve been hit by a truck

More likely to catch a cold or flu at holiday parties if you’re exhausted

Acupuncture boosts your energy so you can get everything done, and enjoy it!

Most common point: Stomach 36 (on the lower leg): strongly boosts your energy

Chinese burn herbs over this point to boost energy; in ancient times when a father was looking at suitors for his daughter, he looked at this point to see if there was a scar there; if so it meant the man would live a long life and have lots of vitality so he was considered a better catch for the daughter

Can do acupressure on this point


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