Dealing with Severe Weather Anxiety          

Some folks enjoy the sound of a thunderstorm when trying to fall asleep.  Others, however, know that a thunderstorm all but guarantees a poor night of sleep.  Parents know.  The sound or even just the threat of a thunderstorm can send kids into their parents’ bedrooms, seeking safety from the storm.  Five Eyewitness News Meteorologist Jonathan Yuhas is passionate about helping people to understand severe weather, which he thinks can help to alleviate unnecessary panic in times of severe weather outbreaks.

Yuhas suggests parents talk to their kids about storms and storm safety on a calm day.  Having the conversation about it during a storm makes the information less likely to sink in, and it could even add to their fear.  He also thinks it can really pay off to assign a task to your kids during a storm.  This will occupy some of their energy and will help them to feel a sort of responsibility and control in what can otherwise feel like a bit chaotic of a situation.

As for a storm safety kit, Yuhas suggests the following:

  1. Flashlight and extra batteries
  2. Water, crackers and snacks ( special snacks too)
  3. Blanket
  4. Pillows
  5. Gloves

Knowledge is power.  Passing useful advice onto your kids could help to calm unnecessary fears and might just help you parents get a little better rest.

Be sure to tune into Five Eyewitness News and to stay ahead of any potential severe weather outbreaks.

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