DIY Outdoor Patio Table and Décor

Interior Designer Kelli Kaufer shared a unique DIY way to build a outdoor patio table for your next party.

Outdoor Table with Saw Horse Kits

Use saw horse kits for legs
-Paint the 2×4’s to give it a more sophisticated look
-Use wide wood plants for the table top and a table runner for a bit of color
-Keep all the table top accessories wood – gives it that earthy vibe
-Use plywood for top of table
-Use scarfs for runner, layer a couple if you would like


-Take an old glass beer jugs (growler)
-Layer with rock, potting soil, then add plants
-Use a dowel to tap down the dirt and dig a hole to place the plant

Basket Hanging Light

-Use baskets for hang lights
-You can find these baskets cheap at a craft store
-Just pull the plug through the bottom of the basket

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