Advice For an Amicable Divorce with Terzich and Ort

Recent exes have taken to posting “divorce selfies” – pictures where the former spouses are all smiles and hopeful about the future. So how can a divorce end with smiles? Jodi and Shannon from Terzich and Ort stopped by to share their advice.

  1. Seek professionals.  Get in the right head space, get a therapist, and get support. This doesn’t mean a night-out on the town.
  2. Find the right attorney, someone who can keep the focus on moving forward and not dwelling in the past negative. An attorney’s role is not to be a “yes man” or to bash your spouse, but instead to help you filter emotions, take legitimate positions, provide honest feedback, and make cost effective decisions. This means helping you filter communications and positions rather than advocate for you on losing arguments.
  3. Understand the requirement of transparency in your financial life, (income, assets, debts) and personal life, as it relates to any kids and their well-being in both homes.
  4. Requires communication to change the divorce process to a business-style transaction.

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