Yoga for Families

Sarah Longacre from Blooma Yoga and Wellness brought her 5-year old daughter Metta along to show Steve and Elizabeth some yoga moves for families to do together!

Yoga can be a great way to connect with your children, especially when they are younger. And because kids have so much energy, it can help them with the importance of calm and stillness. But it’s also a way to work out that energy too! It might even work better than a timeout!

Yoga Moves:

  • Shake your sillies out – kids often have a lot of energy built up and this is a move where they shake their arms all the way to their wrists to get it out
  • Stretching high to low – standing still and reaching to the sky then touching your toes
  • The waterfall – where they feel the energy running down their body from the tip of their heads kind of like a waterfall

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