Lunch Break Workout

Annalicia Lynn, creator of The Exercise 180 Movement, shares some workout moves that you can do during your lunch break and won’t even break a sweat!

  1. Seated Exercises
  • seated crisscross for ab strength, mental focus and posture training
  • put yoga block between knees to strengthen inner thighs while doing the last two seated exercises
  • seated cat/cow to counteract the hunching forward of office work
  • seated oblique sway for spinal/back health and ab strength
  1. Strength moves with small range of motion to tone and strengthen isolated areas, without sweating
  • pilates fetal thigh series for to tone and strengthen glutes
  • strong glutes help prevent back issues
  1. Stretches
  • modified pigeon to loosen hips + stress relief
  • supine twist for a healthy back + digestion

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