Kid Connection: Minnesota’s Foster Care Shortage

It’s been four years since we began our Kid Connection series on Twin Cities Live. And since then more than 30 of the children we’ve featured have been placed with families. While the need for adoptive families is great here in Minnesota, the need for foster care is just as high. It’s why in this Kid Connection, MN Adopt’s Education Coordinator Wendylee Raun stopped by with information on all of the free resources to help introduce foster care in your own home.

These are County and Tribal-based Workshops focused for Foster Families and Professionals.
These trainings and webinars are specially formatted for foster parents in your county and funded by DHS. County and Tribal workers will choose from a list of topics and work with MN ADOPT staff to coordinate the date and location. These workshops are open to the families within the county/counties requesting it.

Learn more about FosterEd here.

Meet Minnesota’s Waiting Children here.


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