DIY Wedding Décor

Owner of Upsy-Daisy in White Bear Lake, Danielle Rode, stopped by the TCL studio with some DIY Wedding Décor items perfect for your next celebration.

  1. Chair Decorations for Bride & Groom

Ribbon in wedding colors
Floral garland

Prepare ribbon:
-Choose your color combination.
-Cut ribbon into approximately 3 foot strips. depending on the width of the ribbon you will need to cut between 3-5 strips for each color.
-Wrap the strips horizontal, and tie against the side of the chair making sure it is as tight as possible so they do not slide down.
-Trim off the excess ribbon on the side.

Floral garland:
-Attach the floral garland to the chair by across the top, and then draped down the side – so it covers the where the ribbon was tied. you can use thin ribbon or floral wire to attach the garland.


  1. Place Cards

Tiles sheets
Metallic sharpies
Nail file or sand paper
Nail polish remover + Q-tips (for mistakes!)
Vinyl lettering (if you will not hand-write)

Prepare the tiles:
– Remove the tiles from the mesh.
-If any tiles have left over glue shards from being glued to the mesh sheet, simply use a nail file or sand paper to gently sand and remove them from the tile.

There are three options for lettering: hand lettering, tracing or using vinyl letters.
– Hand lettering:  use your choice of metallic sharpie.
-Tracing: print out your guests names using your favorite fonts and do your best to copy or trace onto each tile. trace with a pencil first and then follow with the sharpie.
-Vinyl lettering:  use a vinyl cutting machine to create the names and table numbers in the font of your choice. apply vinyl letters to the tiles per the instructions of the vinyl cutting machine.


Check out Danielle’s event at Upsy Daisy:

Saturday, May 11th

Upsy-Daisy in White Bear Lake

Local artists and makers of handmade goods, food trucks and music. it is free to attend.


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