Martial Arts Themed Boot Camp

Nickie Carrigan from The Warehouse shared a fun “martial arts” themed workout. It can be done at home with a couple pieces of fitness equipment or at a Boot Camp class at her gym!

Move #1 Ball Toss

1. Partner 1 stands in a tall posture and hold the medicine ball in front of the body at waist height
2. Descending into a low squat, with the torso upright, toss the ball to Partner 2.
3. Partner 2 absorbs the catch, while sinking into a controlled low squat, and repeats the exercise of tossing the ball back and forth.

Benefits: Lower body, coordination, power, cardiovascular

Move #2 Boxing Combination

Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut, switch feet

Benefits: Cardiovascular, core, coordination

Move #3 Battle Ropes

Stand with feet hip-width apart in a shallow squat. Grip one end of the rope in each of your hands. Tighten your core, and move each rope up and down in waves. Shoulders stay packed, and elbows stay low.

Benefits: Core stability, lower body strength, grip strength, coordination, upper body strength, stability, mobility

Move #4 Four Front Kicks & Four Sprawl to fight stance

Hold hands at guard, lift knee, and extend leg toward imaginary opponent. Alternating legs with a step back step forward; 4 reps.

Drop body to a plank position, and jump into a fighter stance alternating the leading leg.

Benefits: Core stability, explosiveness, coordination

BONUS ROUND! The TKO round! 

Plank walk outs with a resistance loop around wrists

Benefits: Core strength, shoulder stability, upper body, hamstring flexibility

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