The Alpine Factory

Winter, spring, summer or fall you can still ski in the Twin Cities. There’s a new spot in Arden Hills that helps skiers work on their skills all year long. No snow needed.

So, how does it work? Thanks to technology, skiers can get on a slope that can be moved to different skill levels. It’s almost like a turf or carpet. It’s slightly wet and takes on skis perfectly. It feels like you’re on a snowy slope. The instructors help you along the way. You can learn how to do it all and you never have to go outside. You literally ski up and down without a real hill.

The idea is to help folks who want to train in the off season, but aren’t able to because of the warm weather. This doesn’t replace skiing, but it does help you keep strong legs and it helps you keep your skills sharp. You don’t have to be an advanced skier to try it. In fact, TCL Reporter Emily Engberg says it’s perfect for someone who wants to learn to ski without the pressures of a busy ski hill.

The Alpine Factory was developed after a similar one was spotted in Europe. This is the first of its kind in Minnesota.

Appointments are needed in order to keep people safe. There’s a limited about of people that can be on the slopes at a time. To learn more, click here.

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