How to Hygge

Everybody’s talking about ‘Hygge.’ It’s the Danish concept of coziness that’s become a world-wide trend Bradley Traynor from myTalk 107.1 stopped by to teach us how to Hygge.

  1. Stop off at your favorite bakery and pick up a couple slices of cake/pastry
  2. Light some unscented candles or build a fire
  3. Brew a pot of coffee or hot chocolate
  4. Grab a couple warm blankets
  5. Don comfy clothes
  6. Break out a couple board games or a great classic movie
  7. Enjoy each other’s company

Other Inexpensive Hygge fun:

  1. Bring out the board games
  2. Pantry party
  3. TV night
  4. Croquet
  5. Set-up library
  6. Make a fire
  7. Outdoor movies
  8. Swap party
  9. Sledding
  10. Play

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