Surviving the Restaurant Scene

In this week’s Be Well with TCL, navigating the restaurant scene is no easy task when you’re doing your best to eat clean. The owners of DK Fitness, Daniel and Liz Krueger stopped by with tips to help you stay on track.

DK Fitness was founded in 2013. Since then, DK Fitness has coached more than 1000 clients through the process of achieving their fitness goals WHILE maintaining a fun lifestyle that includes delicious restaurant foods, desserts, travel, and even social drinking. DK Fitness is the go-to customized fitness resource professionally developed for anyone.

Created with beginners in mind, we will teach you how to establish a routine, refresh your eating habits, track your progress and double your efforts in the gym.

  1. Review the menu ahead of time and drink a full glass of water before your meal
    1. Making a calculated decision ahead of time allows you to order with your brain, not your stomach
    2. People often confuse dehydration for hunger
  2. Pick something that’s carb heavy, low fat, or high fat low carb and skip the fries if you order a burger!
    1. I.e. pasta with red sauce instead of rich creamy pastas, or steak with veggies (skip the potatoes and fries)
    2. Most restaurant burger entrees get half their calories from the fries. Most burgers will be about 800 calories on their own. The other 500+ calories from fries are overkill.
  1. At Mexican restaurants, order the fajitas.
  1. They come deconstructed, so you can opt to skip the tortillas, and just eat the fajita mix with the other fixings (salsa, lettuce, cheese, guac, etc.) as a bowl instead.
  2. Portion control is important
    1. If you are going to a large portion restaurant, ask for a to go box when you order your meal. Then, when it arrives, slide half the portion in the to go box right away.
  3. Eat slowly!
    1. There is a delay in your brain recognizing you are full.
    2. So, if you eat slower, you will fill up quicker and be less likely to over eat. You can do this by making sure to chew thoroughly. This will slow you down and aid in proper digestion, leaving you feeling less bloated after meals.

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