Questions You’re Too Embarrassed to Ask Your Doctor

Although your relationship with your doctor can be intimate, it still can be embarrassing to ask them questions. Doctor Archelle Georgiou stopped by with common questions that patients are too afraid to ask and shared some solutions.

1. What can I do about my bad breath?
a. Make sure to brush & floss frequently and regularly
b. The Dr. Tungs Tongue Cleaner is highly recommended
c. Make sure to gargle mouthwash correctly
d. Stay hydrated

2. Why do I lose a little control over my urine when I sneeze and what can I do about it?
a. Bring it up with a gynecologist
b. Start a “bladder diary” – note when symptoms occur, what triggered it, and your eating/drinking patterns
c. If a gynecologist can’t help, get a referral to a urologist

3. Am I farting too much?
a. Farting up to 13 times a day is normal
b. The degree of loudness of farts doesn’t matter

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