Make Your House Look Great

After 30 plus years of working with clients on their homes, she has some great tips like how to prevent your cotton bedsheets from becoming wrinkled. Interior designer, Susie Ries has quick trick to make your house look great! BEDDING TIPS: How to make the bed to look like it should be in a magazine. Lay your sleeping pillows flat Stack 2-3 large Shams on top Layer 2 king shams in front Lay coverlet flat on the bed Fold your comforter/ duvet at the foot SHEET TIPS: Keep a timer by your dryer and dry your cotton sheets only nine minutes. Take out and hang over doors or railings to dry. They will stay soft and crisp and practically iron themselves. Buy 2 sets so while one is drying you have your bed already remade and ready to go. DUVET TIPS: Turn duvet inside out and lay flat on the floor or bed. Use comforter clips in the corners to hold in place. HOUSEHOLD ITEMS REPURPOSED: Silverware: Favorite polish for easy quicksilver polish for small items: Silvermate. It is reusable and doesn’t have an order. Haggertys silver polish: best for hand polishing and larger items WOOD FLOORS: The darker stains are very popular and so pretty. If you have golden oak like so many do and you want to update it, sand and re-stain and it will look like you put in all new flooring. Susie’s favorite stain color I had custom mixed at Hirshfields. It’s called DuraSeal and the formula is 6 parts Coffee brown and 1 part royal mahogany. For more about Susie, visit her website here. And for more about her Paint Behind product, click here.

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