What to Wear: Family Photos

Family photos should be memories you cherish for years and years, instead they often tend to be stressful. What to wear, how to wear it, where to take the picture, where to hang it! Professional Stylist Wendy Witherspoon says don’t match, instead coordinate! She stopped by with tips to make photo day stress free and full of personality.

Top tips:

1) Coordinate but no need to match. Long gone are the days that everyone wears a white, denim, or black shirt to match each other. No awkward family photos here! Instead pick a couple of colors and choose clothes that will fit in this color scheme.

2) Dress each family in what suits their personality and what they feel comfortable in. If your children, spouse, partner are not comfortable – it will show in the pictures. Also, no need to stress yourself out and shop for all new clothes – pull favorites from your closet.

3) Think about where you’d like to display your family photo. If you’d like to display your photo in your home, think about your color scheme and how that’ll work with your decor. Also, consider the background of where your photo will be taken and how that’ll play into where you’d like to display your photos.

4) Is it ok to mix patterns and textures? YES. As long as you don’t have bold patterns competing with each other and patterns are of different scales and not all the same type of pattern. For example – a family of plaid would make for a visually busy photo. Scarves and accessories are a great way to layer in texture.

5) Think classic. These photos will be hanging on your walls and treasured for years to come. By choosing simple, classic clothes you will help give your images a timeless feel.

6) HAVE FUN – the best photos are taken when families are relaxed and being themselves.

Wendy is the owner of the online tween clothing compnay, Prink Style. It’s a fashion subscription service for mom-approved clothes your girls will love.

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