Good Company: Clingks

Ever poured a glass of wine and you set it down only to realize that you can’t figure out which glass is yours? A Golden Valley woman has solved that problem in a fun and creative way. Stephanie Wiestling used to break stemware on wine glasses every time she’d wash them. So, she switched to wine glasses that didn’t have any. Only problem was, you can’t put charms on a glass that doesn’t have a stem. She solved the problem with address stickers. Those stickers would get stuck. Determined, Stephanie found a solution and started making her own. Before she knew it, people were buying them. Fast forward four years later and she’s in shows all over the cities and in stores across the country. Stephanie’s company is called Clingks. The drink markers can go on any non-porous surface. That means they work for wine glasses and beer glasses. The drink markers aren’t boring. They have funny sayings that will certainly make your glass stand out. You can even custom make them. Stephanie has Clingks for all sorts of themes like St. Patrick’s Day, Occupation, just wine and beer in general, and birthdays. To learn more on Clingks and to order, click here. You can save 20% using promo code TCLive20 at checkout. Cheers!

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