Wonder Women: Carissa Carroll

Elizabeth is launching a brand new series called “Wonder Women.” She’s sitting down with women in our community who have overcome a personal struggle, found their passion and are willing to talk openly and honestly about what’s working in their life…and what isn’t. Elizabeth introduces us to Carissa Carroll, a woman who was shocked and disappointed by how she and her family were treated when their son was born with Down syndrome. She’s made it her mission to make the diagnosis and birthing experience of babies with Down syndrome different for other families. She created the non-profit organization “Jack’s Basket,” named after her son. The goal is to improve the way health care providers deliver the news of a Down Syndrome diagnosis and provide baskets filled with fun treats and important resources.

Carissa’s motto is this: “What breaks your heart should fuel your passion.”

For more information on Jack’s Basket, click here.

March 21st is also World Down Syndrome Day, for more information on that, click here.

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