Dog Days of Summer

JC Lippold, mindfulness and wellness coach is here with ways to enjoy the dog days of summer, while not getting overwhelmed. Summer can sometimes burn you out- if you are not mindful with how you spend your time. Here are some of the tips from JC:

  • Plan your relaxation
    • Sit in your backyard
    • Go to the park to people watch
    • Make a summer reading list
    • Make a summer music playlist – (here is one that JC has curated already!)
    • Fill your fridge with fresh summer produce and drinks
  • Let your intuition inform your (and your family’s) summer schedule
    • What time do you naturally want to wake up and go to sleep?
    • When/how often are you hungry?
    • Do you find yourself wanting to work earlier? Later? Take more breaks?
    • What kind of activities energize you and/or bring you joy?
  • Non-hectic times are most often appreciated once they are gone
    • Set a reminder in your phone to go off once a day all summer long that says: Find a lazy moment today
      • Breath it in and enjoy the Minnesota summer!

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