DIY Kitchen Table

Looking to take on a DIY project this new year? Cooking for Dad’s Host and TCL’s handy man Rob Barrett stopped by with some tips on how to make a table at home.

1. Buy 1″ butcher block wood at Menards or pre-order online at Home Depot.
2. Cut to size or Home Depot will cut it for you in store.
3. Round the edges with a drill and a sanding disk, starting with 60 grit sand paper and going down to 120 grit.
4. Sand entire surface smooth with 240, 320, 400 and 800 grit sand paper. The last 2 are the key to beautiful wood.
5. Stain to your preference.
6. Either brush on poly or spray poly, at least 3 coats.
7. Purchase pre made table legs or measure for pipe legs.
8. Purchase 4 pipe endings, 4 caps, 6 T’s 4 short length of pipe, 4 medium length of pipe and one long pipe. (Home Depot will cut and thread that for you exactly)
9. Remove super annoying stickers from pipe with GooGone and elbow grease.
10. Put together legs, tighten and level with wood top on.
11. Flip over, pre-drill holes and fasten pipe legs to table top.
12. Enjoy.

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