Super Saver: Money Saving Apps

It’s a new year and it’s a time when many people begin to re-evaluate their financial situation. Whether you’re saving money for a trip or a home remodel, or maybe you just want to find out where you’re wasting your money, our Super Saver has an app for that. Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson stopped by to help!

Hate Budgeting and Saving? Try the Digit App.
Digit does the hard work for you! Its sophisticated algorithms learn how you spen, so you don’t have to change your lifestyle. The app also knows when to take a break and when it’s time to save. You can tell it when to pause saving, withdrawals and when it’s time to add money. Digit is free for 30 days, and then $2.99 a month.

If you like to manually budget, try the EveryDollar Budget App.
This app helps you create a monthly budget. Start your budget by adding the income you expect to make this month. Next, make a plan for your income. There’s a customizable template for budgeting your monthly expenses. EveryDollar also helps you keep track of your spending throughout the month. Each time you spend money, create a transaction and track it to your budget.

EveryDollar Plus is the premium version and links your bank account to the app so you can see exactly how much your spending. It is expensive though. It’s free for 15 days, then $99 a year.

Stop wasting your money and find out where it’s going! Try Clarity Money.
Clarity Money clarifies wise spending from wasteful spending. The free app does this by cancelling subscriptions you are not using or just don’t need. It also looks for ways to negotiate your bills down to a lower rate. The money saving app also tracks what you spent to ensure you stay on budget.

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