Upcycled & Distressed Flannel

Danielle Rhode, owner of Upsy-Daisy in White Bear Lake, shows us how easy it is to upcycle those old flannel shirts and make them all the rage again.

Upsy-Daisy can do the work for you and they are offering a deal! Get one of their upcycled flannels for 20% off January 11th and 12th when you mention Twin Cities Live.

Materials needed:
• Flannel Shirt
• Water
• Bleach
• Distilled White Vinegar
• Rubber bands
• Tongs
• 2 large bins or buckets
• Rubber gloves
• Goggles (when working with the bleach)

How to:
Preparation bleaching area:
o Fill your first bin/bucket with a ratio of approximately 2/3 parts warm water and 1/3 part bleach
o Fill your second bin/bucket with ½ water and ½ distilled white vinegar
o We recommend putting them in your bathtub as a safe place to do this project.

Prepare your flannel:
o With your (clean and dry) flannel on a hanger, tie a rubber band (hair band works) around the body of the shirt and the sleeves approximately 2/3 to 12 way up from the bottom.
o Cut the foam using scissors.

Bleaching process:
o With your shirt on its hanger, submerge your shirt in the bleach mixture to the point of your rubber band.
o Use tongs to help submerge the flannel into the bleach mixture.
o The speed of bleaching will vary based on dye colors and fabric, so stay close and watch the process.
o When you see the color change on your shirt that you want, pull your shirt out of the bleach mixture and (with gloves on) gently ring it out.
o Next, submerge your shirt in the bin/bucket with the water and vinegar mixture. The vinegar will stop the action of the bleach. Leave in for approximately five minutes and then pull and rinse out.
o Wash your flannel in your washing machine using cold water and light detergent. Then dry per instructions on the label.

Optional Embellishments
o If you want to add something extra to your shirt, you can sew on patches or appliques made from t-shirt or sweatshirt.

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